5th Annual SILC Conference Presents


New York

May 14th, 2020

** Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SILC will not hold our fifth annual conference on May 14th. Instead, we will draw upon the material that we planned to present on May 14th to develop a series of free webinars throughout the year. Click on the “Blog” link in our menu to view information about the webinars. **

The SILCNY Committee.

Stanley Goldstein
Co-Founder and Chairman
Sarah Tomolonius
Conference Chair, Co-founder, SILC
Michael Kraten
Professor of Accounting, Chair of the Division of Accounting, Finance, and Economics, and Director of Accreditation of Business School Programs, Houston Baptist University, and Deputy Chair of SILC Conference

What is the Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC)?

Founded in 2015, the Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC) works with corporations, accounting firms, law firms, and investment firms to integrate sustainability as part of a firm’s overall growth strategy. We work to spark innovation by discussing ideas that align with economic opportunities and environmental, social and other stewardship to firms’ shareholders and stakeholders.

About SILC

The Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC) was created to foster insight on how accountants and attorneys can incorporate sustainability practices that align economic opportunity with sustainable policies. SILC’s vision is to educate, encourage, and expand the understanding of sustainability and the impact it has on profitability based on policy, measurability and standards.

Our Mission

SILC works with the investment community to understand, measure and integrate sustainability best practices as part of an overall growth strategy.

Our Commitment

We are committed to integrating sustainability practices with the accounting, legal and investment professions. We believe that sustainability drives growth, profitability and company longevity. SILC was created to bridge ideas and insights together to identify emerging opportunities in the field of accounting and legal profession.

Our Solution

SILC brings together corporate leaders, academia and government to educate and provide practical solutions that help companies navigate sustainability policy, define emerging opportunities and manage risk.