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Archive for February 2016

World Exchanges Encouraged to Report Indicators of Long- Term Sustainability

On November 4th, the World Federation of Exchanges ( (WFE) released ( news/world-exchanges-agree-enhanced-sustainability-guidance) a set of 34 sustainability measures that include environmental, social and governance indicators. WFE recommends that its member exchanges implement these indicators into the disclosure requirements for listed companies.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

In her regular column on corporate governance issues, Holly Gregory explores corporate social responsibility issues that are likely to gain attention in the 2014 proxy season and provides guidance for boards on their oversight of corporate social responsibility strategies.

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Protecting Endangered Species While Promoting Wind Power

Every day, we make decisions based on ratings, from the cars we drive and appliances we buy, to the restaurants we eat at and movie we see. Increasingly over the past few years, the theory has been that investors too could be persuaded by so-called green ratings for corporate sustainability. That has led to a…

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