Trustlaw Training

By Sachin Sawhney

Join the TrustLaw team and social innovation experts for practical legal training on social enterprise and impact investing in San Francisco on 13 September 2016. The course will explore key legal issues and trends in the burgeoning social innovation space and provide lawyers and professionals in the sector with the…

Keynote Address

By Barry Melancon

The accounting profession has a role to play in achieving a very important aspect of sustainability—being part of the fabric of our capital market systems and our economy. It’s not about the people in this room being convinced about the importance of sustainability. It’s about how we achieve the successes…

Six Capitals, or Can Accountants Save the Planet?

By Stanley Goldstein

Six Capitals, or Can Accountants Save the Planet? Rethinking Capitalism for the Twenty-First Century Reviewed by Stanley Goldstein   Editor’s Note: On May 5 and 6, 2016, the NYSSCPA and FAE, in partnership with the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable, hosted a breakfast meeting on sustainability reporting at the Society…

Hedge Fund Industry Embraces Merits of Sustainability Reporting

By Britt Tunick

Sustainability reporting is rapidly moving from a niche issue focused on by a handful of companies to one of global importance. Amidst growing worldwide concerns about the environmental, social and governance impact that businesses contend with internally and the impact their activities have on their stakeholders, institutional investors are putting…

First Annual Sustainability Investment Leadership Conference

By Robert Eccles

The Integrated Reporting Movement explores the meaning of the concept, explains the forces that provide momentum to the associated movement, and examines the motives of the actors involved. The book posits integrated reporting as a key mechanism by which companies can ensure their own long-term sustainability by contributing to a…

Guide for General Counsel On Corporate Sustainability

By Sachin Sawhney

our view is clear. General Counsel are more well placed, better equipped and increasingly able to drive change and deliver value to their companies through an increased focus on “corporate sustainability”.

Sustainability disclosure Getting ahead of the curve

By Sachin Sawhney

Sustainability reporting has traditionally been voluntary in the United States for the most part. However, heightened regulatory and legal scrutiny, along with other market developments, indicates that the transparency and accuracy of sustainability reporting is increasingly important.

Business and society in the coming decades

By Sachin Sawhney

In the long term, corporate and societal interests converge. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and SVP of sustainability Kathleen McLaughlin argue companies have an opportunity to use their scale and expertise to reshape global systems and mitigate complex problems.

Sustainability Reporting: The Lawyer’s Response

By Sachin Sawhney

With ever-increasing frequency, clients are seeking advice about reporting and communication on sustainability issues. “What are we legally required to communicate?” “What are we permitted to communicate?” “What can or should we say to stay competitive and protect business relationships, profitability, and our social license to operate?” “What standards should…

Driving Revenue Growth Through Sustainable Products and Services

By Sachin Sawhney

A corporate sustainability program can be more than just a commitment to adhering to the best environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards in the field; it can drive innovation and be a key element of a company’s growth strategy. As corporate sustainability practices evolve and mature from isolated initiatives focused…

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