Job Title:

Senior Dir, Corporate Responsibility, PwC


Jeff Senne is a Director on the PwC Corporate Responsibility team. In this role Senne oversee’s the firms operations and strategy function. He also has helped oversee embedding the firm’s Purpose position within PwC’s 41,000 people so it becomes a core part of the firm’s culture. Prior to joining PwC Senne was the Director of Sustainability Performance for Sodexo Inc, a Senior Advisor for the African Development Bank and the Head of Communications on Progress and Participation for the United Nations Global Compact. In these roles, Senne worked with company, university, civil society and governmental representatives in creating value by continually improving their organization’s social and environmental impact. Senne takes a continual improvement, “manage what you measure,” approach to organizational change by applying quality management methodologies to uncover value in systems and process improvements.

While with the United Nations Senne delivered trainings to over 500 Global Compact participants and stakeholders from over 50 countries and developed tools and methods for measuring, evaluating and communicating on the progress companies were making sure their corporate citizenship commitments deliver strategic value. Prior to joining the United Nations, Senne spent nearly 15 years in management, where he was a “disaster recovery specialist.” His work was to take over business operations that were underperforming and to redefine their business model and create sustainable and competitive company cultures. Creating, managing and motivating teams by defining shared goals, common values, and performance indicators were his forte. Senne has spoken on Corporate Citizenship to audiences around the world, regularly leads CSR trainings and is passionate about sharing how companies drive organizational change and value creation via their CSR implementation.