Job Title:

CEO and Founder, CapWay


Sheena Allen was born in Terry, MS and is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a dual degree in Psychology (B.S.) and Film (B.A.). In 2011, Sheena started her first company, Sheena Allen Apps, and bootstrapped the media tech company to millions of downloads. While visiting her hometown in Mississippi in late 2015, Sheena took notice of how people in her community were still very much into using predatory financial services, such as payday lenders. This led her to start her second startup, CapWay. CapWay is a neo-bank that also includes financial education and gamified micro-lending for those who do not fit into the traditional banking system.
In late 2016, Sheena made her premiere in She Started It, a documentary film that follows five women around on their startup journey. In early 2017, she released her first print book, The Starting Guide, a three-part book that talks about her journey, a guide for those interested in app development but not sure where to start, and business 101 tips. The response from The Starting Guide led Sheena to start App It Out, an interactive workbook and curriculum around simplifying app ideas and app development. Sheena has traveled around the world and spoke on subjects such as owning a successful tech company as a non-technical founder and inclusion in tech. She has been featured in various publications, including Black Enterprise and EBONY Magazine. Sheena is a 2018 Business Insider Under 30 Innovator and part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 class.