Versatile at helping cleantech firms develop strategic alignments and build customer relationships. My expertise includes data analysis, research, and renewable technologies. I align with innovative technology partners to bring their products to market to reduce the impact on our planet through entrepreneurship and consulting.

– Sustainability Investment Leadership Council ( – Annual conference geared towards bringing accountants and attorneys together to better understand sustainability principals and strategies. Next Conference is on May 9th, 2019 at Wells Fargo.

– – We are an Electric Vehicle (EV)-focused software and data firm that works with utilities and OEMs to provide an integrated platform to engage consumers on EV incentive data.

– – We want to drive value and cost efficiencies by leveraging innovative clean technology and the power of communities to leap-frog traditional high-cost upgrade solutions. We are working to build a pilot community of Condo and Co-ops board members to use economies of scale when considering cleantech adoption.